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Team Manager NL/FR (Berchem) 27-01-2020
Customer Service Advisors FT NL/FR, NL only of FR only (Leuven) 14-01-2020
Go Forward is looking for an Local Inside Account Operations Manager to work at the office of one of our clients, HP Belgium (HP Office Diegem) 14-01-2020
Compensation & Benefits Manager (Mobiele functie overheen de verschillende vestigingen van IPG) 14-01-2020
Internal Mobility - Customer Service Advisor MIS NL/FR (Brussel) 13-01-2020
Internal Mobility - Team Manager Leuven Ad Interim NL/FR (Leuven) 12-01-2020
Team Coach NL (Berchem) 10-01-2020
Customer Service Advisor MIS NL/FR - KIA Motors (Evere) 09-01-2020
Customer Service Advisor MIS NL (Anderlecht) 09-01-2020
1 Customer Service Advisor FT NL/FR/EN (Six Dots) (Leuven) 09-01-2020
Senior Advisor Algemeen NL/FR - @Interim (Leuven) 08-01-2020
3 Customer Service Advisor FT NL/FR (Multipool) (Leuven) 08-01-2020
System Engineer (Diegem) 07-01-2020
Business Development Manager NL/FR (Vestigingen IPG) 02-01-2020
Team Coach FR/NL (Leuven) 30-12-2019
2 Sales Advisor FT NL (Total) (Hasselt) 24-12-2019
3 Sales Advisor FT NL (Hasselt) 25-11-2019
Sales Advisor FT NL (Hasselt) 15-11-2019
3 Sales Advisor FT NL (Hasselt) 15-11-2019
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